Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do YOU Know What Yarn Bombing Is?

I didn't until this popped up in our neighborhood a few months ago. It is "knit graffiti" and so much fun! We enjoy having our very own street art close by. Check out this Yarn Bombing blog to learn more, I think it is so cool! Anyway, of course I had to document this and scrap about it. Here you go:

Keep your eyes peeled for examples in your area! =) If you have any fun links to share, put them down in the comments. There are some really creative people out there doing this.


  1. I have never heard of it until now and I am so excited... I swear it is coming to something here in the Arctic! I am going to look this week for the perfect spot and then get knitting!!!!

  2. How fun, I've never heard of that before. Now I'll have to keep an eye out here :)

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  4. I've never heard of this either...but how cool! And I love your cute, fun layout with the crocheted flowers too!


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