Thursday, September 26, 2013

Up, Up and AWAY…

I had LOTS of fun with this project. It started out as a 2013 appointment calendar/planner that I found in the clearance section at Aaron Bros. (90% off, woo hoo!!) I thought the cover was very fun and I just knew that I could do something cool with it. It sat on my shelf for a month or so and then inspiration struck! I also knew exactly who to make this for - our friend who is a huge fan of movies, comic books and superheroes. Ah ha! Perfect:

So first I had to hollow out the book. This wasn't as tedious as I thought it was going to be and didn't take too long. Why did I need to hollow it out? Well…

I wanted to have a little surprise when you opened the "book". There is a scene and it is chock full of movie quotes. (Fred is a veritable fountain of movie quotes.) The first thing I did was to mist, use layering stencils (Stars and Dot Fade) and stamps to create an interesting base layer. Then I glued down the quotes (I had printed those out and cut them into strips). Over everything I brushed on a layer of glossy Glue 'n Seal. I didn't want the Distress ink parts to react any more to moisture and I also wanted a slick layer to apply a layer of glaze paint over. Before adding any paint however, I used the Rays stencil and Heavy Gel Medium to create the transparent ray pattern over the background and the quotes. When that was dry I painted over everything with the Silks Acrylic glazes, working it into the textured areas and wiping parts of it away to reveal more background. Inside the niche I layered stamped elements and popped them up to different levels to create depth.

On the outside I added an Idea-ology Faucet Knob (painted with Distress Paint) for a handle along with a stamped tag and other bits. The paper string acts as a closure strap. You just unwind it from around the knob and you can open the book.

I hope you enjoy this project! See if you can identify the movies the various quotes come from. ;-) Don't forget that Inspiration Journal is having a "Falling for Faux" challenge this month and there is still time to enter! You can have a chance to win $50 to spend at Inspiration Emporium (and your chances are good, there are only 9 entries so far!) Go forth and create!!

Most of the supplies I've used on my project can be found at Inspiration Emporium. Follow the links below and use my code JUICE to save 10% if you go shopping.

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