Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow, hubby and I watched the recent episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition about the family of a little boy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and it hit close to home! I know lots of people don't like this show but I think the Sharrock family was very deserving and it was wonderful to see them get the help they needed. It also made me very thankful that my little Jon has Type 1 OI and not Type 3 like the boy in the show. He's not as fragile so we haven't had as many breaks to deal with as the Sharrock family, but we certainly understand that rush of worry that comes with every little tumble your child takes. I would encourage readers to find out more about OI, we just concluded Osteogenesis Imperfecta awareness week but it's not too late to be aware, lol. On a final note, don't take the good health of you and your family for granted, there are so many families out there whose situation is otherwise.

Here is a layout I did when we first found out Jon has OI. His brother tripped on him and it broke his right femur. That opened a whole new chapter in the life of our family and started us on a path I never dreamed I'd be on, that of a parent with a special-needs child (and not just OI but that's a whole different part of the story.)


  1. I think the title of your page is very gripping, Lisa. It definitely got my attention!

  2. Life with our children is a journey; sometimes we don't get to plan every part, but we do get "on the bus" and follow the path that God lays before us. My prayers are with you as you keep both Jon and Greg safe!

  3. Lisa, what a layout! Both in the way you did it and in the content, you did a great job capturing my attention with just a look and made me want to look closer! I like what necgmc said that you do get on the bus and follow the path. It's not always the bus we would have chosen but in the end, it is our bus.

  4. Lisa, I love this one... It makes me tear up because I am remembering when our normal changed. Your layouts are so beautiful! Mine do not compare (although I'd like to think they are getting better as the years proceed). Here are some of my early efforts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beckerbuns/sets/72157594170803815/


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