Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Funkie Junkie Focus – Tim Holtz Christmas Idea-ology

Hello and good morning. I'm really getting revved up for my favorite making season, Christmas time! Our Funkie Junkie Focus this time around is on Tim Holtz's Christmas Idea-ology which I am a big fan of. All those fabulous bits and bobs. Love it! I created an assemblage in a Festive Tin

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas Idea-ology assemblage #creativejuicefreshsqueezed  #tim_holtz  #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

Bottle brush trees, tiny lights, snowman… these definitely fall in the "a few of my favorite things" category.

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas Idea-ology assemblage #creativejuicefreshsqueezed  #tim_holtz  #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

Let's take a look at some of the building process.

1) I cut some styrofoam blocks and hot glued them into place inside the tin. I made an area at the back of the tin to tuck the lid into.

Hot glued the lid in place.

I didn't take a photo, but I cut a piece of white mat board to cover the foam and create a platform to glue all the elements onto.

2) I prepared all the Idea-olgy parts I wanted to include. The metal numbers I painted with the new Lumberjack Plaid paint. It IS a good red! Can't wait to play more with this new color.

The snowballs are Baubles that I smeared with Snowfall Grit Paste. The Salvaged Snowman I painted with acrylic paints (such great detail!) 

The Tree Lot bottle brush tree I colored with Rustic Wilderness Spray Stain as well as Mica Stains Tree Lot and Fresh Balsam. TIP: I covered the wooden tree base with masking tape before I sprayed the tree. It kept it clean so the Distress wouldn't bleed into the snow in the final assemblage.

3) I tried using the new Distress Watercolor Pencils to color the Paper Dolls. They work really well! Paula Cheney has a really great tutorial on how to do it on her blog. FYI, this particular doll is from one of the past years' Christmas collections so I'm not sure if this one is in the 2022 pack. 

4) I hot glued in the main elements and then spread Snowfall Grit Paste around them with a small palette knife. While the paste was wet, I also used the 
Glitter Duster to add Rock Candy Dry Glitter to the scene for even more sparkle.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are inspired to go get crafty! Keep an eye on the Funkie Junkie Boutique Blog, Inspiration Ave. because you are now getting regular doses of expanded (and inspiring) content each week. Don't miss it…

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas Idea-ology assemblage #creativejuicefreshsqueezed  #tim_holtz  #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

Supplies used:
Idea-ology Christmas Festive Tin
Idea-ology Christmas Paper Dolls
Idea-ology Christmas Tiny Lights
Idea-ology Christmas Vintage Flair
Idea-ology Christmas Wood Slices
Idea-ology Christmas Pocket Cards
Idea-ology Christmas Tree Lot
Idea-ology Christmas Design Tape
Idea-ology Christmas Salvaged Snowman
Idea-ology Christmas Baubles
Idea-ology Velvet Trims
Idea-ology Mini Paper Clips
Idea-ology Metal Numbers
Ranger Archival Inks - Vintage Photo
Distress Spray Stain - Rustic Wilderness
Distress Grit Paste - Snowfall
Distress Rock Candy Glitter
Distress Seasonal Mica Stains - Tree Lot (2021), Fresh Balsam
Distress Paint - Lumberjack Plaid

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Sparkle & Shine with Eileen Hull – 2023 Desk Calendar

Hello Eileen Hull fans! This month the theme has been "Sparkle & Shine" and it's my turn to share. We've also been partnering with Sizzix to create with their new Surfacez Cork Roll. I combined the two into one project. I really like how the "shine" contrasts with the cork.

Lisa Hoel for Eileen Hull - Sparkle & Shine with Sizzix! 2023 desk calendar.  #creativejuicefreshsqueezed #EileenHull  #eileenhulldesigns  #sizzix #mymakingstory #TeamEileen #mysizzixstory

I used Eileen's Display Stand Die to cut the base for the calendar. Eileen has also designed a calendar that fits perfectly onto this stand and you can purchase the printable in her etsy shop. Let's take a look at how I put it all together.

1) First I printed the calendar pages out onto cardstock and cut them out. (Eileen has cutting instructions included on the file.)

2) To make them into a pad, stack them up and back with a piece of thin chipboard also cut to 4" x 3".

Clip the bundle together so the top edges are compressed together tightly and spread a thin layer of PVC glue all along the top. Let it dry while clipped together. Eileen recently did a Live where she goes over making a Display Stand calendar including how to make this pages pad. You can watch that here.

3) Time for the stand part! I covered a sheet of Mat Board with double sided adhesive sheets and then covered that with a piece of Cork Roll.

The Display Stand is a one pass cut! All you need to make the stand gets cut out at the same time.

4) I wanted to add shiny foil accents over the cork. Sizzix 3-D Adhesive is a medium great for spreading through a stencil. Once it drys, it remains tacky so you can use it to apply Foil, metallic flakes and other things.

5) Applying the foil is easy. I just laid it over the dried tacky adhesive and rubbed.

Oops, once I folded up the stand, I realized I had added the foil to the bottom instead of the part that would face up and show. No problem, I just unfolded the stand and added some more to the part I missed.

6) The flower was cut using the smaller petal sections from the Sunflower Die. (It's not just for sunflowers!) I used the shaping tool to give dimension to the petals.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to keep an eye on Eileen's blog for more inspiration from the Educator and Inspiration Teams!

Supplies used:

Eileen Hull die - Display Stand Die #664346, retired
Eileen Hull die - Sunflower ( Sizzix, SB )

Sizzix Surfacez Cork Roll
Sizzix Deco Foil Sheets - Rose Gold
Sizzix Mat Board
Distress Ink - Vintage Photo
Distress Spray Stain - Saltwater Taffy
Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Code

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Funkie Junkie Focus - Tim Holtz Christmas Distress

Hello friends! If you are into making for the holiday season, it is definitely time to think about Christmas crafting! I know for me personally, if I wait until December there is no way I can have all my creative plans come to fruition. So let's get going! 

Our Funkie Junkie product focus this time around is on Tim Holt'z Seasonal Distress release from Ranger. Mica Stains, Crayons, Snowfall Grit Paste and the Grey Woodgrain Cardstock make for some stellar creative playtime!

I decided to use Eileen Hull's new Geometric Box Die to create some Christmas treat gift boxes in two different color ways. 

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas treat boxes #creativejuicefreshsqueezed #eileenhull #tim_holtz #sizzix #mysizzixstory #mymakingstory #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

I thought the triangular panels of the box sides would be perfect for showcasing different Distress techniques and colors.

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas treat boxes #creativejuicefreshsqueezed #eileenhull #tim_holtz #sizzix #mysizzixstory #mymakingstory #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

In my personal decorating I don't do much with pink/pastel type color combinations but I do appreciate the retro palette! The Holiday Mica Spray Set #4 that contains Merrymint, Cocktail Party and Shiny Bauble is perfect for it. (More details on techniques below, scroll on…)

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas treat boxes #creativejuicefreshsqueezed #eileenhull #tim_holtz #sizzix #mysizzixstory #mymakingstory #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

Here is the more "woodsy" traditionally colored box. The lid lifts off to reveal whatever treats you decide to pack inside:

Lisa Hoel for The Funkie Junkie Blog - Christmas treat boxes #creativejuicefreshsqueezed #eileenhull #tim_holtz #sizzix #mysizzixstory #mymakingstory #thefunkiejunkie #thefunkiejunkieboutique #frillyandfunkie

Let's take a look at some of the how to! (If you missed Tim Holtz's live where he discusses the 2022 Seasonal Distress release and shares demos, check it out. SO much good info.)

1) I started out playing with the new Pine Branches 3D Embossing Folder, trying different papers and color combinations.

The pearlescent Crayons are perfect for blending over the embossed areas. I just colored directly onto the paper and then blended with my finger.

I ended up going with the green cardstock with Fresh Balsam Crayon.

2) Next I moved on to various pastes and sprays.

Transparent Texture Paste on Distress Watercolor Paper.

Love it!

Texture Paste Opaque (Holiday Knit Stencil) and Crackle Paste Opaque (Festive Stencil)

The Tart Cranberry Mica Stain adds a wonderful glimmer!

3) The Mica Stains are perfect for coloring the Woodland Trees too! Next time I spray trees, I need to remember to wrap tape around the wooden base. The Distress sprays react with the Snowfall Grit Paste. oops!

4) Geometric Box assembly! I cut the base pieces out of white mat board.

I cut triangles out of my Distress papers to fit onto the sides of the boxes.

I added Rock Candy Glitter to the stars. Nice sparkle!

5) I made some little houses for the lids using the Paper Village 2 Die Set. For the pink house, I cut it out of the Holiday Gray Woodgrain Cardstock and tinted with the Cocktail Party Crayon.

6) I glued the trees and houses onto the box tops and then added some Snowfall Grit Paste snow all around it and on the house roofs.

For a final touch, while the paste was wet I added some Rock Candy Glitter using a Glitter Duster. Extra sparkle is good!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on the Funkie Junkie Inspiration Ave blog for loads of eye candy and techniques!