Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scrapping Everyday Miracles Challenge #3!

Well here we are with the first challenge of July at Scrapping Everyday Miracles. Roulien has challenged us to share what a new day means to you. Check out the blog for all the details. Here is my layout with the journaling for you to read.

journaling reads:
This was a hard challenge. Usually my first thought when I wake up is “Rats!” followed by “God, please help me survive the day & give me patience.” My youngest son has Sensory Processing Disorder & is quite a handful. He requires constant help & a watchful eye. He’s not verbal yet & is strong willed. I know that will probably benefit him in the future, but now I’d like a bit more compliance! I was trying to picture my day as a gift to unwrap & I found myself getting pretty resentful towards God. I can’t even remember the last time I got to savor a whole day. I started throwing a little pity party & had to make myself think about people that have worse problems to snap out of it. I don’t know why God has given us such a challenging child but I know it’s for a purpose. I have hope that there is a reason & I need to remember that. In the meantime, I grab whatever little moments I can to savor – like my morning cup of coffee! It’s a little ritual and kickstart to the morning. I take my perks where I can get them (pun intended).


  1. I love the title. LOL I've noticed that you use humor quite a bit in your pages. I love it!! I also like your journaling too because you word it in a way that makes it feel like I'm sitting across the table from you and we're just chatting. Even tho I don't have a special needs child, I can always relate to the message of your pages. Great job, Lisa!

  2. Love the title and journaling, Lisa! The layout design and mix of patterns and colors are perfect too.

  3. This is an awesome layout! I was totally thinking 'coffee' too for my 'new day'!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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