Saturday, August 27, 2011

Memory Lane

Well I have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing around here (and trying to get my act together ha ha!) Yesterday I was cleaning in my scrap area and finding old photos of the boys, layouts that haven't gotten put in albums yet (I know I'm not the only one with big stack of layouts sitting around!) and other goodies. It made me realize how fast time is flying by. The boys are getting so big it seems hard to remember when they were babies. The beauty of this hobby is freezing those moments in time and preserving them. So many sweet memories would be lost otherwise. So keep fighting the good fight and keep scrapping those photos! =)

Here is a favorite layout of Jon I was reminded of in my cleaning spree:

What a cutie! (I know I'm biased though.) Well, have a good rest of the weekend and God bless and protect those in the path of Irene on the east coast.

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