Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sewing Box with Eileen Hull's New Dies

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The fun continues with Eileen Hull's newest Sizzix dies!

You may have seen my sneak peeks of the sewing box I made with the Treasure Box Die for Creativation. Following are how-to tips for this project. (I'll share the tutorial for the Notebooks inside in April.)

I used Eileen's Flowers & Leaves Die Set to cut blossoms to embellish the top:

The flowers were cut from felt, cardstock and sewing pattern tissue collaged onto cardstock.

I made some matching books to go inside using her new Notebook Die:

Tutorial for the notebooks coming in mid April!

The boxes are easy to put together. You cut out the die pieces twice to get all the parts you need. I decided to make life interesting and hand sew some lace around the top edge of the box base. I used my Tim Holtz ruler with the guide holes in the edge and my sharp needle tool to punch holes through the matboard. (Do it before gluing the box together!)

Next, I went ahead and assembled the box. A strong liquid glue or super score tape works well. You can use a hot glue gun too if you work fast. Sometimes it's hard to get parts lined up right before the glue cools. Once the base was all put together I stitched on the lace trim.

To make the closure for the box, I punched two holes in the front part of the lid edge and installed eyelets. Hot tip, do this before you assemble the lid. It is much easier to do on a flat piece of board! I threaded a piece of elastic through it and made a loop that goes around a button I fastened to the base.

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Eileen Hull Sizzix
Treasure Box ( Sizzix / SB )
Journaling Cards - Flowers & Leaves ( Sizzix / SB )

Sizzix mat board
Kunin felt

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  1. So stinking precious! I LOVE the zipper charm! The paper is wonderful and so perfectly spring, and oh those tiny albums!

  2. I love that closure so much Lisa!


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